Influenza may be costly

Did you know that a healthy working-age person may be ill with the influenza virus for a week?
The average cost of one sick day is 400 euros.

Example: an organisation has 100 employees and five of them fall ill with influenza:

  • The influenza causes approximately 50 sick days
    (average: approximately 7–10 days per ill employee).
  • Studies indicate that one sick day costs approximately 400 euros for the organisation,
    which results in approximately 20,000 euros. In addition, costs are accumulated from the use of healthcare services.
  • Influenza vaccination for the entire organisation of 100 people costs 4,900 euros (€49 per person). This means that the savings created by this investment are at least 15,000 euros.

The organisation gets the most out of its investment when as many employees as possible are vaccinated. Make it possible for your employees to protect themselves by offering influenza vaccinations as part of occupational health services. 

Make it possible for your employees to protect themselves against serious forms of influenza

When as many employees as possible are vaccinated, you get the most out of your investment. We recommend starting the vaccinations now so that the protection offered by the vaccine has time to develop before the epidemic starts. In Finland, the peak influenza season is typically around the turn of the year. We have written instructions for your employees, which you can find below. Getting vaccinated is a everyone’s personal decision.

Download and send the PDF bulletin for your employees here.


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