Influenza season is approaching – protect yourself and others by getting vaccinated

Influenza season happens every year even though its timing may vary. Compared to a regular cold, influenza is a rougher illness which may cause severe complications or lead to unfortunate secondary diseases. At worst, influenza and its complications may also lead to long absences. Influenza is often passed on to other people before you even have any symptoms. When everyone at the workplace is vaccinated, you can avoid all of this while helping the entire country stay healthy.

Read more about how vaccines help you protect yourself, your work community and your loved ones.


Book influenza vaccinations for occupational health customers conveniently online

It is possible to book influenza vaccination appointments online if the employer has purchased the vaccines for its staff, even if the employer company does not otherwise use online booking. You can book an appointment only for vaccination at the Pihlajalinna Medical Centre via the online booking system. You can also book an appointment by telephone using the service number agreed with your company.

  • Price €49 / vaccine is or according to your occupational health agreement. We use the quadrivalent vaccine Fluarix Tetra that protects against the four virus strains contained in the vaccine about 2–3 weeks after you get vaccinated.
  • Persons being vaccinated must not have any symptoms of flu or a cold.
  • Vaccination can also be carried out on the premises of larger workplaces by separate agreement.
  • For vaccinations at the workplace, there will also be a charge for travel costs and travel time, as well as any waiting time for the occupational health nurse at the company’s premises.


Why your organisation should offer influenza vaccines to every employee:

  • Good employer reputation / image.
  • Keep your staff able to work and reduce absences.
  • Prevent more serious influenza complications and the long absences they cause.

If you are interested in adding the influenza vaccine to your occupational health agreement, contact your occupational health nurse.


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