New Occupational Safety And Health Act aims to promote working capacity

One of the biggest challenges in work life is maintaining working capacity. Measures that maintain working capacity can have a significant impact on the attractiveness and retention of a company and the direct cost impact of employees by preventing sick leaves or work incapacity. Not only does working capacity directly impact the expenses on the employer, but also on the society. For this reason, occupational safety obligations for employers have been clarified as a part of the new Occupational Safety And Health Act. 

The Occupational Safety And Health Act binds employers and was supplemented at the beginning of June to clarify the occupational safety obligations for employers. The Act aims to decrease the number of early exits from employment while helping employees to remain capable to work for longer.  


In the future, employers will have to consider any stress factors in the contents of the work, work arrangements and social functioning of the work community when assessing risks. These include information overload, constant interruptions, difficult customer situations, excessive workloads or interactive issues in the work community.  


Well organised work is a key to maintaining employee motivation


Work involves many factors that typically cause stress and require time to recover. Prolonged stress can cause chronic overstimulation and eventually lead to symptoms of exhaustion. One in four employees experience varying degrees of fatigue in Finnish workplaces. Exhaustion causes disruptions in productivity and cooperation, as well as direct financial loss due to long sick leaves and other absences. 


For this reason, it is extremely important for all of us to ensure that the workplace has a great atmosphere and social functionality. At best, this is a significant advantage in the workplace. A great atmosphere is an important force that holds everything together in various situations such as during changes. The meaningfulness of work is also among the most important aspects in work life – especially for the new generations entering the workforce. Work is an important part of life for many of us as it bolsters our sense of place in the society.  


Help with new obligations

Pihlajalinna’s occupational healthcare teams support organisations by improving wellbeing at work. The occupational health psychologists in these teams help managers and work communities by identifying risks and preventing them. We will help you understand the obligations of the new Occupational Safety And Health Act. 


Workplace surveys carried out by Pihlajalinna’s occupational healthcare teams aim to identify target-specific stress factors and resources related to the social functioning in the workplace and work community. The workplace survey provides more detailed guidance to the managers in the units and can help further examine the contents of health checks for a specific occupational group. We are also ready to help by offering information, workshops and coaching sessions on subjects such as smooth interaction, successful cooperation, psychological safety and strengthening workplace resources. 


Feel free to contact your occupational healthcare nurse – we will help you forward. 



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