Our occupational health customers’ service channels are clarified and improved

In the future, we will serve the different occupational health account formats via dedicated service lines. The separation of service lines makes customer service smoother and improves the service quality.

As part of our continuous development work, we have reviewed our customers’ needs and wants together with them. Customer satisfaction surveys have indicated a need to clarify the service channels in the different account formats. Therefore, the various contract formats of our occupational health customers using the Nurse Telephone Service will have their own service lines. All of our customers will have access to both electronic services and a service number. 

“Before, our healthcare professionals replied to all of our occupational health customers in the same channels, regardless of contract format. Going forward, we will identify each customer’s needs better as they are directed directly to the team familiar with their contract format and the included services. This enables us to serve our customers better and to direct them to the right care faster and with better quality,” says Chief Occupational Health Physician Henni Hyytiä-Ilmonen.  

Customers impacted by the change will receive more information in late autumn.   

We will also produce customer material regarding the change to support personnel communications. At this point, this change does not require any action from our customers.  


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