“Our occupational health specialists help employers with various work ability themes,”

says Pihlajalinna’s new Chief Occupational Health Physician Henni Hyytiä-Ilmonen.

Henni Hyytiä-Ilmonen started in the position on 1 April 2023. She has spent the past spring and summer by getting to know our clients and organisation. The pace of change, both in the society and at Pihlajalinna, are challenging the chief of occupational health, as well.

“My core task is to lead the occupational health development agenda. This is an interesting time, as the working life, occupational health care and work ability theme are all going through a reform. Pihlajalinna’s objective of producing efficient healthcare is an excellent fit to occupational health as well. Our objective is to create added value to our clients’ business with cost-effective occupational health services.”

An example of the societal reform is the renewal of the Occupational Safety and Health Act on 1 June 2023. One of the most significant changes relates to the need to lengthen people’s careers. The new act obliges us to pay special attentional to people 55 years of age and older. Chief Occupational Health Physician Henni Hyytiä-Ilmonen was invited to morning show Huomenta Suomi to discuss this theme as President of the United States Joe Biden visited Finland in July.

“Age does not prevent work ability, but it does require special attention. Occupational health care is an expert of the connection between work and health. One of the objectives set by the Occupational Health Care Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act is to help employers support the work ability of employees of various ages. I recommend utilising our expertise in, for example, identifying the specific challenges of young and aging employees,” Hyytiä-Ilmonen says.

Watch the discussion on Huomenta Suomi here.


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