Do you know who your work ability coach is?

Pihlajalinna’s multidisciplinary occupational healthcare team includes a work ability coach that works in occupational healthcare under the title social work specialist.

The work ability coach is a specialist of the ability to work and continuing your career. They help you with questions related to rehabilitation, service and benefit networks as well as change and transition points in your career.

With the work ability coach, you can ponder questions related to your working life, for example, in transition points in your career as you are reflecting on the direction of your future career, the possibility to continue in the working life, training paths, suitable rehabilitation possibilities, benefits or your upcoming retirement.  The work ability coaches also help you fill in various kinds of forms.

The work ability coaches participate in occupational health negotiations when these matters are under discussion. They also function as a link to pension companies and help you with vocational rehabilitation services when you have to change professions due to health reasons. In this case, the work ability coach can support you throughout the process with a commission from the pension company.

You can schedule an appointment with your work ability coach by talking to your occupational health nurse or physician. The work ability coaches also serve your remotely.


“A work ability coach will walk with you and help you see your future career when you find yourself in a transition point,” says Nina Vanhanen, leading work ability coach at Pihlajalinna.

Work ability coaches can help you with the following:

  • Rehabilitation advice and guidance
  • Pointing you to the right service and benefit system
  • Making career plans, surveying the possibility to continue your career and support in career transition points
  • Surveying the possibility for vocational rehabilitation and supporting you in the vocational rehabilitation process as the pension company’s partner
  • Education plans, application processes and monitoring


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