Have you heard of the Työmestari service?

Pihlajalinna has a national Työmestari service aimed at customers who have been in an occupational or traffic accident. The Työmestari service is a national service with six Työmestari specialists.

We are specialists of rehabilitation and the return to work for statutory insurance customers at Pihlajalinna. We are experts of work and help people direct their thoughts to the return to work already at the beginning of their care. We aim to solve challenges related to the return to work early on after the accident so that the customer’s path back to work would be as smooth as possible. We are problem-solvers who understand the physical, psychological and social demands of returning to work.

The purpose of our service is to ensure our customers have a quick and smooth rehabilitation path with the purpose of a well-timed return to work after an accident. We also help our customers with benefits. Customers come to the Työmestari service with a referral from their care team, the occupational health team or the insurance company.

The Työmestari collaborates with the customer’s care team and, where necessary, with the employer, occupational healthcare, insurance company and other partners.

If the customer is at risk of losing their profession or job because of an accident, we also offer vocational rehabilitation services to find a new profession or education. Vocational rehabilitation services always require a financial commitment from the insurance company.

If a customer needs to see a Työmestari, they can contact their occupational health team and ask for a referral to a Työmestari. It is also possible to request a referral from the insurance company.

“The Työmestari service gives an employee who has been in an accident personal and human support that guides them towards rehabilitation and back to the working life. The employee has someone besides them in a challenging life situation,” says Liisa-Maija Yliniitty, Director of Development and Työmestari at Pihlajalinna.


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